Sunday, July 03, 2016

Red, White and Blue Farmhouse

Good morning!

Surprise!  I know I said I would be back Tuesday, but I had this post ready to go for July 4, so here it is!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a post on red, white and blue cottage bedrooms.  I thought you might want to see the rest of this charming home where three of the bedrooms in that post came from.....

Enjoy and have a wonderful July 4th holiday!

Modern farmhouse


Front stairwell

Living Room

Family Room

Guest room

Attic bedroom - see mantel detail below.

Mantel detail in attic bedroom - referred to as 'fowl play' !

A vintage screen door allows a view of the homeowner's quilt collection.

A vintage kitchen sink recycled to a bathroom sink.

Another recycled vintage sink in this bathroom with the
ceiling wallpapered in red gingham.

Notice the wicker fireplace screen.  Stars and stripes on the red adirondack 
chair add to the patriotic color scheme.

Front Porch



  1. My favorite house ever filled with the colors and enamelware preferred by me. All American.

    1. So glad you like it! These homeowners certainly put a lot of thought into their home with the color scheme flowing from room to room throughout and mixing the old with the new - great collections, colors, warmth and personality! Definitely all American! And I love those trough sinks (what's old is new again!)

  2. Absolutely loved that! I might have to steal some of those ideas for my house. Very sweet!

    1. Lots of great ideas for sure! Enjoy!

  3. This was an excursion for me...I wanted to spend time in each room. TFS the beauty.

    1. I hear you! Each room certainly had an inviting way about it! Always a pleasure to share ideas!