Thursday, May 30, 2013

Colette van den Thillart's Barbados Getaway

Wow!  The more I see of Colette's designs, the more I love them.

After seeing her family's Barbados getaway, I feel a real 'kindred spirit' in her work........especially in this house where she has used shades of pink throughout and uses her beachcombing finds to accessorize her island home.

Colette mentions in this Canadian House and Home article that she has always been inspired by the great English designer, Oliver Messel, who famously designed and decorated many Caribbean homes with several of them in Barbados.  While using a couple of his ideas, Colette used shades of coral pink and brown to give her getaway her own special touch.

The Messel green wrought iron railings and gingerbread trim.  A very inviting entrance.

The coral pink in the living room, wicker and seashell accented hutch produce a calming, tropical touch.  The pink slipper chairs add to the softness, as well as the two blush pink chairs on each side of the hutch.

Love this desk area where Colette can work and/or craft with her beach finds.

Love the seashell lamp and that she color co-ordinated the books in shades of pink.....if they weren't already pink, she covered them so they would be!

The Chinese pagoda chandelier is an Oliver Messel reminder.......

Now, look at this pink striped ceiling in the kitchen and the co-ordinating pillows in the living room.
Thoughtful details give it a unique look!

A welcoming bath with an outdoor screen for privacy.

This is the outdoor family room!

The coral lamps on the night table are distinct and it's nice to see the foot stools/seats at the foot of the bed match the two in the living room and could be moved out there when extra seating is required.  

All in all, an absolutely wonderful family getaway - colorful, casual and personalized to suit the family!

To see more of this home and other work by Colette, check out

Also, be sure and visit to see more of Colette's collaborations with Nicky Haslam.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Colette van den Thillart's Toronto Home

Here we are again..........from the pages of Traditional Home, we can see Colette's home in Rosedale, Toronto.

Colette has moved home (she grew up in Toronto) from London to run Nicky Haslam design in Toronto, where they now have a shop in Canada for the first time.  They also have their new fabric line, Random Harvest, and as you will see in the photos below and hear Colette on the video, she loves to mix old and new, unusual color schemes and sometimes allows the rooms to fall into place naturally.....letting the rooms speak for themselves.

I also understand that Colette has been working on a getaway for her family in Barbados.  I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this home and video and I have a feeling, keeping up with Colette is going to keep us all busy!


Love this kitchen!!!


Notice her use of an oversized lantern.  Casual dining area off the kitchen within family room.

The lilac colored bedroom is very calming.


Guest room.

Gorgeous zinc tub brought over from England.

Family room.

OK!  Now, I find that the above photos were from her home last year and she has moved again since then.  I obviously have some catching up to do!!

The photos below are from her new Rosedale home in Toronto which is a 1920's ivy-covered neo Georgian home.  The last picture here shows Colette standing in front of this home with the gorgeous umbrella.

Love her teenage, fashion loving daughter's headboard!

To see more of this European inspired home, see the video below.

National Post
House and Home
Traditional Home

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colette van den Thillart's London Home

Hi again!

Here's Colette's Edwardian home in London, where she lived for 13 years before moving back to Canada last year.


Notice the shutter stripe fabric on the chair.....part of the new NH Design
fabric line, Random Harvest.

Nice faux bois carpet.

House and Home

Monday, May 27, 2013

Colette van den Thillart's Muskoka Cottage

Good morning, Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend..........busy, I'm sure, as there is so much to do at this time of year!  

You may be asking yourself who Colette van den Thillart is!  Or maybe you already know!  You know who Nicky Haslam is........right?  He's the London based interior designer who is all over the news these days with his wonderful interiors and design books.  Well, Colette is his Creative Director at his firm, NH Design in London.

She's a Canadian who honed her design skills while studying overseas and after meeting Nicky in 2002, became his Creative Director.

Today's cottage is her family cottage that she enjoyed while growing up.  As the family enlarged, so did the cottage..........and Colette spun her magic throughout.  See the video below for more details on how it all came about.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing her London home.  And now that she has returned to Canada to live, on Wednesday, I will feature her fabulous home in Rosedale in Toronto!

Enjoy!  And have a fabulous day!

Love this curved backsplash!

To see more on how this cottage came together, see video below.

House and Home

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Featured Friend

Now here's a girl who knows how to sit down and put her feet up!  Have a relaxing weekend!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Float In Cottage

Good morning, Everyone!

Here is the last of the cottages I am featuring from the same Maine compound I mentioned on Monday. They are from Cabot Cove in Kennebunkport, Maine and the whole compound is as charming as each cottage.

This cottage, with it's nautical touch, is a total charmer.  The rooms are very small, but big enough to accommodate the necessities.  The smaller, the cosier.

The rest of the cottages and designs can be seen at


What a great night table in a small space!

Coastal Living
Cabot Cove Cottages, Kennebunkport, Maine