Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabulous Friday Decor

I came upon this gorgeous home while browsing through Architectural Digest recently and wanted to share it with you.

What is so appealing about this down to earth home is it's low maintenance charm.....just what we are striving for as we age.....low maintenance homes, that is!

First of all, the whole house flows from room to room with mostly white (Benjamin Moore Antique White) in the living room and throughout, with that gorgeous, almost baby blue color interspersed throughout with a touch of complementary lavender in the bedroom....softness throughout.  All white would be way too stark, but the blue adds a touch of comfort and serenity.

Secondly, the floors are mostly reclaimed wood...some dark, some light (painted?) and some natural looking.  More importantly, easy to care for without carpets, area rugs or mats.

The rooms, beautifully done by designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, are very inviting and welcoming, despite the fact there is not a whole lot of ornamental detail......just enough, in all the right places, to make the rooms comfortable and appealing.

The touches of leather in the living room, dining room chairs and foyer chairs also make for low maintenance care.....and again, that soft blue is so easy on the eyes.

The master bedroom is almost minimalist with just the bed and night tables at that end of the room and a chaise in a cosy corner by the fireplace.  Notice that all that was required on the walls is that beautiful hand painted wallpaper.  Despite the minimalistic look, it is very cosy and has just the required elements for pure comfort.

What really personalizes this home is the homeowner's collection of vintage Americana (as seen with the roosters, cash register, etc.), the old kitchen table the family has owned for years (and carves all the family's important information into), mixing old with new - beautiful new, comfortable furniture mixed with old barn doors and other antiques, and surrounding themselves only with what they love (as in the homeowner's collection of black and white vintage prints in her office), their beloved books and flowers......always flowers.

Who would believe this is the new home of heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon......and it is lovingly shared by their 12 (yes 12!) pomeranian dogs.

That's why I love this house so much - it is soft, comfortable, welcoming, beautiful and totally lived in and enjoyed!

Hope you enjoy this and have a great week......I will be back in a week or so!

Living room

Another view of living room
Love the barn doors!


Kitchen dining nook

Dining room


Master bedroom

Master bedroom reading corner

Sharon in her office

All photos by Roger Davies via Architectural Digest

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Window Dressing

One more posting and I am off to New York city with our daughter, Melanie, and our grandchildren Olivia and Camilo.

With only 5 days in the city and a very lengthy to do list, getting all our sightseeing in could be tricky.  We'll see how much we accomplish and will enjoy every minute trying!

With endless museums, shops, theatres, restaurants, galleries to see, it's sometimes easy to forget to look in the windows of the shops as we rush by.  More often than not, it's the windows themselves that are so fascinating and creatively dressed.  The first shop I rush to in New York is one of my favorites, Anthropologie.  I love to browse this store with it's goods from around the world, but it's their creative displays that leave me mesmerized.  I can't wait to see what they have this year and will bring photos back.

Late last summer when I was in London, we went to Harvey Nichols department store in Knightsbridge and took a few photos of the amazing displays in their windows and interiors.  Who would imagine a dress made of clothespins or a headdress made of swizzle sticks and cocktail umbrellas among other things?  Someone very, very creative!

Hope you enjoy!

Clothespin dress

A Closer Look

Book sculpture

A Pencil Tree

A Closer Look

Nuts and Bolts Bicycles

A Life Sized Parrot

Cosmetic Accoutrement Headdress

Cocktail Accoutrement Headdress

Shop Queen

All photos mine 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Passion for Pink!

Anyone who knows me, knows my passion for pink!  A somewhat controversial color, but I've always been inclined to it - notice the background color on my blog!

Some people seem to think it's too girly, or too much fluff......or whatever, but at the same time, it offers comfort, softness and calmness. 

We know that soft pink lighting in a room creates a relaxing feeling and that soft pink lighting at a dressing table softens one's features.  Soft pink in a bedroom offers calm and serenity and what could be more beautiful than an arrangement of soft pink flowers.....the final touch to any color room as it is so neutral!  Sometimes, just a pink accent will soften a look.

Pink with gold accents....gorgeous!  And pink, green and all time favorite color combination....just cannot go wrong with that one!

Here are a few of my favorite images.....including a touch of whimsy!

Diamond and Baratta

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Architectural Digest

House Beautiful

Country Living

Penlope Bianchi's home

Mario Buatto via Architectural Digest

Ruthie Sommers - House Beautiful

Kristine Kasheta

Lynn von Kersting
(Watch for a feature on this amazing decorator soon!)
Pink Art

Will Ryman's 8' rose sculptures, NYC
(Will see this in NYC next week)

Whimsical dining room - Traditional Home

Annie Selke
(will do a feature on her soon)

Pink tongue - too cute!

P. S.  Even Oprah is wearing pink today - on her last show!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Featured Artist - Mary Sparrow Smith

The dog art of American artist Mary Sparrow Smith is totally irresistible!  Enjoy!

Eye See You

Afternoon Nap

Blue Boy

Lifeguard on Duty

The Thinker

Yellow Tunnel

Time Out
(Could this be our Coco?)


All artwork courtesy of Mary Sparrow Smith Art

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of my favorite designers.......Katrin Cargill!

I have been following Katrin Cargill's designs for years and wanted to share some of her down to earth, simple, comfortable, welcoming rooms with you.  She often uses ginghams, sometimes alone and sometimes skillfully mixing them with florals, stripes, embroidery, etc.

She is an English designer and stylist well known for her own distinctive look and has often styled for other designer's magazine layouts, as well as having her own share of magazine covers and articles about her work.

Often, her work is referred to as 'one color' style, as it's not unusual to see her rooms in red, blue, green, gold (and other colors) with just white as an accent.   Simple, relaxing and absolutely gorgeous!

However, she has also come up with some beautifully colorful rooms......not to mention her 'Swedish' look!

Today I am featuring some of her red and white rooms, but will post some of her other looks at another time.
   Added to her vast talent is the fact that she has authored several books regarding her style with how-tos on how to make your own slipcovers, lampshades, pillows, bed covers, table cloths, curtains, linens.......the list could go on.  To see more of her ideas, go to

Oh, yes, she also designs rugs to go with her rooms.  They can be seen at

All images Katrin Cargill