Friday, April 29, 2016

A Room of Her Own

What a great room for a woman's walls, a comfy sofa in a well lit reading corner, a nice-sized table for paperwork, crafts or sewing, pretty gingham and striped fabrics, a co-ordinating lamp shade, lots of extra seating to invite your friends in and finally, a soothing color scheme of green, pink and white.

The table under the window could easily be used as a desk to hold a computer and provide more work space, to hold an easel to paint or create, or perhaps even a small dining space.

But, then, it depends on how you look at things - sometimes a 'retreat' is just 'work' and used strictly for relaxation (like last week's room).  Or, do you prefer a multi-purpose room tucked away for your use only?

This room works either way.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Old World Charm in California

Good morning, 

I awoke to more snow this morning.....can you believe it! However, it's still better than last year when we had snow well into May.

Look at this lovely Tudor home in California modelled after a dream Cotswold design.....and it looks like it's straight from England thanks to its designer, Linda Floyd of California (we follow one another on Pinterest!)  I love her work.

And I love the details of this charming home. 


Love the eyebrow window, the stone and slatework, slate roof and leaded glass windows.

Doesn't this turreted stairwell remind you of an old English home?  And that touch of pink!  Perfection!

This sunny conservatory is what caught my eye - Scalamandre fabrics, Savonnerie rug and 18th Century French console.  

Love this kitchen, too - painted, distressed cabinets and French baker's table - a work of art in itself.

Notice the etched glass and Moroccan tiles.

Wood panelled library.

Powder room.

Upstairs hallway with chintz farbric, gingham bench cushion and antiques.

Beautiful toiles and chintz.

Cozy and inviting guest room.

Look at their beautiful back garden with the thatched roof!

Linda Floyd Interiors
Traditional Home

To read about how this house came to be, click here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Baby Blue Couture

Time to dream a little!

Elie Saab



Giambatista Valli

White Magazine Italy


Oscar de la Renta

Sognando la Bellezza


Valentin Yudashkin

Christian LaCroix


Elie Saab

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Odds and Sods

I have a few odds and sods to comment on today......just a few items from the news that I found interesting and/or whimsical.

I picked up Victoria magazine last week and was pleased to see a 7-page spread on our beautiful Prince Edward Island.......the land of Anne of Green Gables.  Some beautiful island photos and some great shots of downtown Charlottetown.  Check out the May/June 2016 issue if you get a chance.  A number of the pictures were taken in our neighbourhood in Old Charlottetown.

The last two pictures on Page 29 are of our neighbourhood museum, Beaconsfield Historic House and it's gardens.  That's where I walk by every day to the boardwalk with little Ruby, our dog.  (I notice it's referred to as "Beaconsville", but it's "Beaconsfield" if anyone is interested in googling it.

A great article and beautiful pics.

Anne of Green Gables

This picture below had to be the most reported on image of the past weekend.   It even made the World News!  As it should!  

There was little Prince George in his monogrammed housecoat, gingham pyjamas and navy blue slippers with airplanes on them being kept up 15 minutes past his bedtime so he could meet and shake hands with the President of the United States.  This photo op will go down in history.  And for the retailers of above-mentioned housecoat, it will go down in history for quite another reason altogether.

My 1ST Years co-founders Daniel Price and Jonny Sitton finally got a break with this royal gift they sent to George as a big brother gift when Charlotte was born.  Having been in the business for six years and with a small advertising budget, they sometimes send gifts to new celebrity parents as a means of advertising.  When George appeared in the gingham-trimmed robe, the retailers hit the jackpot.  Within 7 minutes, they were completely sold out, but are now taking pre-orders.  You can check their website here.  

This is so adorable and Prince William couldn't look any prouder.  What a memorable moment!
Pete Souza Photography

While we're at Kensington Palace, I have to tell you I was very excited to finally see William and Kate's much talked about renovated apartment.

It was described as a very English Country, uppercrust style.....certainly not palatial as you would find in some of the palaces.

Very down to earth and child friendly with lucite tables and a soft upholstered ottoman.

Love this comfy looking white sofa with blue and white cushion piping and blue and white trim around the bottom of the sofa.  Lots of soft lighting, fresh flowers, family photos, books, pleated lamp shades and a couple of historical paintings.  So English country!  A touch of chintz there, as well.

I do think those hard windowseats could use some seat cushions, though.  Nice thick ones for George and Charlotte to curl up on and read in the sunlight!

Then, there was this rescue dog story with a very happy ending.  

Vincent, the rescued English Bulldog, was only adopted in February and was entered into the annual Drake University Most Beautiful Bulldog contest last week by his proud new owners.

And he won!!  

Vincent is still licking his lips over this one........after all, it's not every day a not-too-long-ago homeless dog gets voted as the Most Beautiful Bulldog, and more importantly, gets to go home with his new and loving family.

Sweet Vincent

That's all for now!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Magical Renovation in Salt Lake City, Utah

Well, here we are bright and early on a sunny Monday morning! Lots to do today, so I will give you a brief synopsis of today's enchanting house and let you check out the rest of this amazing renovation of a Tudor home.

Tudor homes are notoriously dark, so these homeowners called upon Tankersley and McAlpine Architects to update their home, and to lighten and brighten it.

It's a very big house, so I am only featuring the three areas that I loved the most........all are beautiful, but I would have to say, these three spaces are outstanding, one of a kind interiors and it's clear Tankersley and McAlpine went above and beyond with this project. Having clients who are willing and able to take the re-design to the architect's creative echelon must be a dream scenario for all.

And how many little girls ever get to have a 'playhouse' at all, not to mention one inspired from a tower straight from the Disney archives.  Simply stunning!

Adding a conservatory along the back of the house certainly brought the light in with 15' ceilings and walls of windows.  This would be the new kitchen, family room and casual dining area.

The red French Lacanche stove is stunning set amidst the custom painted Rutt cabinetry.
Artistic Stone range hood.

Notice the stone fireplace on the wall opposite the kitchen matches the Artistic Stone range hood.

The view towards the kitchen.
How perfect is this room?

Then, there's the attic space.

Who could overlook this beautiful, spacious room?  A perfect place to retreat from the rest of the world to relax and re-energize.  A light-filled oasis.

The piece de resistance, though, has to be the Rapunzel Tower.  

The homeowners wanted a very special playhouse for their young daughter whose favorite fairytale is Rapunzel. With the playhouse on the ground floor and guest rooms on the second and third floors, it is simply amazing.........unique in every way.

You have to see how the architects came up with this memorable beauty, so click here.  It is any little girl's (or big girl's!) dream!!

Have a fabulous day!

Rapunzel Tower third floor living room.

Greg Tankersley and Bobby McAlpine

Traditional Home

To see more of this fabulous home in Traditional Home, go here. Or pick up the May issue of Traditional Home magazine.

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Room of Her Own - Friederike Kemp Biggs

Love this small library where the lady of the house has surrounded herself with all the things she loves - books, her blue and white ceramics collection, reading lamps, family photos, baby blue walls, comfy seating and small tables for tea.........a perfect little getaway in her own home!

Have a great weekend!

Frederieke Kemp Biggs

(To see more of this home, go here.)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy 90th Birthday to Queen Elizabeth

What a magical life Queen Elizabeth has lived!  Most of us couldn't even imagine what she's been through - 90 years of a royal life with ups and downs, high dramas and low, a fire at one of her castles, deaths of loved ones, divorces of her children, scandals, matters of state and what have you, but she has come through it all with her quiet, steady demeanor, great health and sense of humor, grace and style.  

I'd like to take a look at some of her iconic day style throughout the years and later her night style.

Her day style, as you will see, was notable for two things - hats and pearls.  I'd loved to see her hat collection and find out how she stores them all and saves them for posterity.

For all she's been through, she looks genuinely happy here and has managed to enjoy the life she was born into.  Not always an easy proposition, I'm sure.

Remember these feathered hats from the 60s?  I had a similar one with feathers on a headband.

A feather in her cap!

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret


And at night the diamonds and jewels come out!

One of the many Normal Hartnell sketches of the Queen's Coronation gown.

Coronation Dress by Norman Hartnell

Norman Hartnell

Norman Hartnell's beaded gown for the Queen's U.S. visit with President Eisenhower

Norman Hartnell's gown for Princess Margaret's wedding.

In honor of the Queen's 90th birthday, a new exhibition of her iconic hats and fashions of the past 90 years will open today at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, followed by shows at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle later in the year.  

I would love to see the detail on some of her gowns and those fabulous hats!.....that would be about as close to couture designs as I will ever see.  Although I saw Princess Grace's fashion exhibition at the Victoria & Albert a few years ago and it was fabulous to see these items up close.....and I saw Nan Kempner's fashions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art some years ago......the only times I have seen couture, I'm wrong....I also saw Charles James' gowns at the Met two years ago..........incredible art!