Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of my favorite designers.......Katrin Cargill!

I have been following Katrin Cargill's designs for years and wanted to share some of her down to earth, simple, comfortable, welcoming rooms with you.  She often uses ginghams, sometimes alone and sometimes skillfully mixing them with florals, stripes, embroidery, etc.

She is an English designer and stylist well known for her own distinctive look and has often styled for other designer's magazine layouts, as well as having her own share of magazine covers and articles about her work.

Often, her work is referred to as 'one color' style, as it's not unusual to see her rooms in red, blue, green, gold (and other colors) with just white as an accent.   Simple, relaxing and absolutely gorgeous!

However, she has also come up with some beautifully colorful rooms......not to mention her 'Swedish' look!

Today I am featuring some of her red and white rooms, but will post some of her other looks at another time.
   Added to her vast talent is the fact that she has authored several books regarding her style with how-tos on how to make your own slipcovers, lampshades, pillows, bed covers, table cloths, curtains, linens.......the list could go on.  To see more of her ideas, go to

Oh, yes, she also designs rugs to go with her rooms.  They can be seen at

All images Katrin Cargill

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