Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rose Cottage

Going from one end of the spectrum to the other, we are today looking at a 1912, 800 sq. ft. gabled cottage surrounded by a vine covered white picket fence.  (Wish I had an exterior shot!) 

A couple of the previous cottages this week were newly built for growing families and clearly had some professional design help.  All lovely!

But, today's cottage, as mentioned, is much smaller and the interior was put together solely by the single homeowner, who had previously lived in much newer and much larger homes (12,000 sq. ft.!) until moving into this home about 15 years ago.

When purchased, this house was dark and drab with low ceilings.  The homeowner immediately removed the ceilings and opened up the rafters, removed the old shag carpet and started painting everything in the house, inlcuding her dark furniture.  Through trial and error, she has found her own comfort, style and peace as she continues to shop estate and garage sales.  And what she doesn't love and keep for herself, she freshens up and sells at her own garage sales!  And she wouldn't have it any other way!

Cheers to her hard work, ingenuity and tenacity!  This is a real charmer and in keeping with this week's post, is all in blue and white!


All images via Cottage Style


  1. I live right around the corner from this wonderful lady. She - and her pretty house - is truly amazing. I love her style. Cottage all the way!

  2. Beautiful little home - I love everything about it! I wish I could visit!