Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magnificent Malachy

Here is the winner of the latest Westminster Dog Show held this week in New York city.....along with a whole bevy of beauties who also participated.

Malachy is a 4 year old Pekingese who can now retire and loll about to his heart's desire!


Magnificent Malachy
Primped poodle

Banana Joe, an affenpinscher

Bulldog mani?  Or would this be a pedi?

A Newfoundland

Cool Caleb, the bulldog

Who could not love this doll?

Ibizan Hounds

Neopolitan Mastiff seems to be saying,
"Are we nearly done?"

Old English Sheepdog
"Am I next?"

"Is there anyone out there?" says the Komondorok

Poodle perfection
Look at those manicured nails!

I adore this face!

All images via Daily Mail

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