Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rose Cottage - Before and After

Today's 1920s cottage had a total makeover by designer and owner Jeffrey Bilhuber.

As a boy cycling around Nantucket, the rose covered cottage was well known and loved by Bilhuber.  When it came up for sale many years later, he bought it in ten minutes, over the phone, with the interiors never having been seen by him.

As a designer, he had his work cut out for him, and I'm sure he relished the idea of a total makeover.  Working within the existing dimensions, he managed to turn this space into a delightful, two bedroom getaway!

I'd say he was quite successful.........wouldn't you?


Rose Cottage - absolutely charming!

First impression of living room!

Same room with Bilhuber's magic touch!  Cosy, cool and inviting!

The sunroom has it's own charm - love all the windows, wood floor, beams and siding.

Sunroom made over.......wow!

The other end of sunroom became the dining area.

The dining area looking into the living room.

The dining room from another angle.

The master bedroom before Jeffrey.

The master bedroom after.

The guest room before.

The guest room finished.

Architectural Digest

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