Tuesday, January 19, 2016

An Invitation to Recline

Looking for a comfy place to lay down and read a book on a quiet afternoon?  Perhaps you need a quick catnap!  Look no further!  For the fortunate owner of a daybed, it's an automatic invitation to recline.

Among the daybeds below you will surely find something suitable for your taste and comfort. There's a bit of everything with neutral and colorful palettes, solids and prints, with or without canopies and indoors or out?

Take a little time and imagine which one you would choose..........and hope you don't mind sharing some of them with a few furry best friends!

Have a wonderful day!

 Charles Faudree

Charles Faudree

Hutton Wilkinson


William Waldron

Nicky Haslam

Michelle Nussbaumer

Minnie Peters

Tara Shaw

Be Colorful

The Pink Pagoda

Pierre Frey

Inspiration Lane



Asmara Inc.

Pierre Frey

 Eye for Design

Alex Papachristidis


Keith Scott Morton Photography

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