Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Loving this Swedish Home by Marshall Watson

How would you like to have a summer home like this to go to for six weeks each year?

The clients (he's American, she's Swedish) sought the help of New York designer, Marshall Watson, to re-decorate their summer home and guest house for their family and guests.  Living in the United States, they summer in Sweden.

The main house is painted Falun red - a popular Swedish color often seen in local folk art.

Notice the high gloss ceiling and the antique foyer table that was scraped to allow the many coats of colors to show through.

The greens and creams in the living room work beautifully with the Swedish light.  The red trim on the drapery accentuates the library walls.

The bookcases at one end of the living room are also painted Falun red.  

What a lovely, sunny dining room!  Love the colors and the farmhouse table mixed with the antiques around the room.

The papered panels certainly accentuate the angled walls.

A delightful nook for a desk with shades of blue accenting the green walls.

And the guest house below in shades of grays and blues is as inviting and cozy as a guest house could possibly be.

The bottom of this sofa pulls out as an extra bed.

Absolutely charming!

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  1. Such a lovely set of photographs! Given me many ideas for my own homage to Swedish style, thank you for sharing!