Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Loving the Art of Allison Cosmos

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all having a great week so far.  

We are beginning to feel a touch of autumn weather, believe it or not!  Our weather really only warmed up in July and already we are winding down for the cooler temps.  Also, I was out doing errands today and Thanksgiving decor is on display at Homesense and the summer items are all gone!  It's only August!

In late June I featured a home decorated by Summer Thornton (here).  In describing the chinoiserie panels as seen below, I referred to them as framed wallpaper.  

A few days ago, I received a lovely note from the artist, Allison Cosmos, letting me know that they were actually handpainted canvases.  

I was more than happy to have this brought to my attention and I updated that post with the correct information and the link to Allison's site.

Naturally, I went directly to Allison's site to look at more of her art and discovered she had also provided some of the artwork for Megan Winter's home, which I featured yesterday.

So, I wanted to share her versatile work with you and she generously shares how she came up with the chinoiserie triptych shown below.

Remember this beautiful foyer?

The finished canvases are 100" high with the middle canvas 36" wide
and the two narrower panels are 18" wide.

A close up detail she used as a sample for the designer and 
homeowner.  She used matte acrylic paint on the 12" x 16" canvas to reflect 
the look of wallpaper.

A closer look at the crane.  Allison was inspired by the artwork
of John James Audubon.

And the same for this shorebird which appears in the triptych, 
also inspired by John James Audubon.
Her detail is exquisite.
To see more of this triptych and other work of Allison's, click here.

Below is the Sumi-e Japanese artwork commissioned by Megan Winters for their home office.

These 8" x 12" canvases were later matted and framed 
by Megan for the office.

What a beautiful mix of art and decor.

A vignette from Megan's living room.

The diptych as it was painted together so that the strokes flowed together.

A close up of the textural detail on above canvases.

Another sample of Allison's creative work is this handpainted (not stencilled) 
damask door that was commissioned by designer Marjorie Skouras for her own home.

This is just a sampling of Allison's work, so you must check out her site to see more........painted floors, chinoiserie wall murals, children's wall murals and decoratively painted furniture.



  1. All fabulous work. I had admired them in your postings and imagine all by the same artist!

    1. I know! Allison is certainly talented and I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more of her work in the future!