Thursday, July 14, 2011

English Country Decorating

This house is the epitome of English country the manor born, mind you! 

Imagine returning to this home every day and having these 5 little faces greeting you......or curling up by the fire with a favorite book......or cooking dinner in this kitchen..........surrounded by all the things you love......including a large basket on the kitchen table to place one of your pet chickens in while you putter about.

This is a larger version of the English cottage look of yesterday.......same details, but larger rooms......wonderful colors, chintz fabrics, comfy furniture, lots of wall art, plates, lamps, area rugs......and still cozy despite the size of the rooms.....because the homeowner has surrounded herself with the things she loved!

As a passionate Anglophile, this is my cup of tea!

All photos courtesy of Traditional Home


  1. Absolutely superb!

  2. Can i live there, Please!

  3. Love, Love, Love the d├ęcor and the dogs too!

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  5. Wonderful! What a feast for the eyes. I can only day dream about how lovely it would be to live there.