Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Sarah Richardson Country House - Before and After

Hi Everyone!

I'm back!  Had a great month off (a bit longer than I had planned), but it flew by so fast I can hardly believe it!

I'm sure you all remember my past posts here and here on Sarah Richardson, one of Canada's foremost designers.....I haven't seen much of her work lately, but thought I would check out her latest projects and came upon this makeover.

This was an 80s bungalow badly in need of a makeover........she enlarged the typically small bungalow windows, upgraded the trim and baseboards and of course, added her own unique touches using flea market finds, painted antiques and fresh colors and fabrics to bring the house back to life.  See the 'befores' here.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer, too!  Have a great day!


What a serene the ceiling and note the antique corbels on the fireplace, the wainscoting, large baseboards, soft colors and large windows...........transforming details.

Beautiful vignette.

Great gingerbread trim around the vanity.

Love the mix and match of the floor tiles and the shower tile detail.

Just lovely!

More mixed and matched floor's all in the details!

The bucket pulley is a cute idea for a top bunk.

Sarah Richardson Designs


  1. I really like Sara and her decor ideas, but I wish she would do sometimg other that her typical white monchromatic living room kitchen they are not very practical. Please sara come up with something more colourful and kid friendly.

  2. Beautiful! I love the blue and white color combination.

  3. PS: I forgot to mention that I am a new follower.