Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Villa Contenta

Hi Everyone!

Almost back from vacation.........still have some company, but I thought I would squeeze this post in this evening while they are out for a few hours.

I fell in love with this villa when I happened upon it..........imagine finding an old, decaying house in Lyford Cay (a gated community in the Bahamas considered to be one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world!) and discovering the house is the former home of Laura Ashley.......yes, that Laura Ashley.

Then, imagine having the good fortune to hire a decorator to add the finishing touches after all the necessary repairs have been completed.  And it seems designer Andrew Raquet was just the man for the job.  With "windows that wouldn't open and doors that wouldn't close", he had his work cut out for him.

However, his persistence paid off and the end result is an absolutely beautiful home with a mix of old (some of Laura Ashley's furnishings came with the house) and new furniture, neutral color schemes, some island touches and just enough chintz to give a nod to it's former owner.


 Scraping through the layers of exterior paint, this lime green shade was discovered and refurbished.

Traditional and island charm in the foyer.

The neutral living room tones calm this room and the chintz fabric adds an English feel.

Canvas wall murals with the sea and palm trees, coral fabric covered chairs and jute area rug add an island feel in the dining room.

Antique maps line a wall in the library.

The solarium with a mirrored trellised walls.
Corner banquette and garden stools in the solarium.  

Bedroom detail............such soothing colors.

So serene.........

Love the idea of upholstered bathroom seating.

How beautiful and inviting is this?



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