Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bunny Art

This past summer our daughter's family acquired a new pet - a Netherlands Dwarf bunny by the name of Louis (named by our baseball loving grandson after 'The Louisville Slugger').

He is a little dream pet and absolutely adored by all.........hence, this post about bunnies because it now seems that bunnies are 'it' - at least to this family!

Look at just a few of the current bunny items I came up with - something for everyone inside and out, young and old, fun, funky and, as with Hunt Slonem's art and the beautiful brooches, highly collectible.


Hunt Slonem Wallpaper

Hunt Slonem Wallpaper

Diffa Dining by Design with Hunt Slonem Wallpaper
All of above art by Hunt Slonem


Pottery Barn

For kids rooms:

Karin Linder 




Rosenberry Rooms

For Teens:

Blue Tooth Speaker

All of the above teen items are Emily & Merrit designs and are available at
Pottery Barn

For gardens:

Marjolein Bastin's Garden

12 Bronze Bunnies  - Yabuuchi Satoshi

Twig Bunny - Canis Major

For Home:

Faience Bunny Tureen - Julia

Sabon Home

For Women:

Henry Dunay Brooch

 Henry Dunay Brooch

Cartier Brooch

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  1. Oh my God! Wow, a lot of people were onto bunnies before I was! This an amazing post!