Friday, November 13, 2015

FF - Toby West's Ebony & Ivory

Hi there, Everyone!

Time for Flashback Friday again so thought since I was on the subject of Toby West yesterday, I would finish the week with his own home that was featured in Veranda magazine back in 2000.

In what Toby described as an "elegant bungalow", he has kept with the ebony and ivory theme throughout the house - with tone on tone ivory papered walls accented with the beautiful ebony antiques.

When I first saw this house at the time of publication, it stood out in my mind as one of the most perfectly arranged homes I had ever seen.  It appears small, although I don't know what the square footage is - it could actually be quite large (there are a lot of rooms, as you will see), but the important thing is the rooms are cosy, quaint, charming and very livable.  Totally unforgettable, frankly.


September-October 2000

One more note of interest about Toby West's designs.  If any of you watched Chrisley Knows Best last year and admired their beautiful Atlanta home, I just found out yesterday that Toby West was the designer.  If you would like to see more of that, go here.

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  1. Just would be wonderful to tour a house like this at your leisure to look at all the details.

    1. Wouldn't it be fun to walk through! I'm sorry the pics aren't clearer, but scanning does that even though the magazine images are still perfectly clear.