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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Blue and White Coastal Living in the Muskokas

Hello there!

I have one more fabulous cottage from the Muskokas - this one is also on Lake Rosseau and when you look at the first photo, it appears to be a 1 1/2 storey, but when you look at the second photo with a view of the front of the cottage, you will see that it's actually three storeys and 7,000 sq. ft.

The interiors are just beautiful and consistent with shades of blue and white throughout.  The house was built and designed by Cory DeFrancisco of Muskoka Living.  The homeowners gave him carte blanche to design and decorate their home after having collaborated with him on their Toronto home.  What fun for a designer and decorator!


This house is deceiving from the back view - the front shows 3 storeys..  The Muskoka room is on the right.

The foyer stairway has two Windsor benches on each side of it.

Love this indigo blue living room with the vintage bathing suits wall art.
The tv is hidden behind the doors above the fireplace.
(I would have put 2 of the bathing suits on each side of the fireplace for balance and symmetry rather than four to the left - but that's just my opinion - it all depends on whether you like symmetry or asymmetry).
Just beautiful!

The window mullions were painted a soft black to make them stand out in the dining room.

An antique oak island and pantry offer a nice contrast to the all-white kitchen and accents the ceiling beams.

This is the loft at the top of the stairway with it's million dollar view.
The blue slipper chairs are the only spot of color in this all-white room.
A beautiful, clean look.

The Muskoka room with white wicker furniture and coastal style toss cushions.
My favorite room!

Love the ship lap walls, beadboard ceilings and the fresh look in this laundry room - makes doing laundry more of a pleasure than a chore with such a fresh and light-filled room.

The only thing I would change here are the overhead lighting pendants - overhead light in front of a mirror is very unflattering to the skin - side lighting on each side of the mirrors is so much softer and eliminates the shadows an overhead light would cause.  A much more flattering light source.
Otherwise, a beautiful bathroom.

Style at Home

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Barn and Cottage Living

When I did a post on quilts a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't help but notice on my blog's Pinterest page that one of my readers chose the living room shown below by Justine Cushing as one of her favorites, and remarked that she would love to see the rest of this place.

By sheer coincidence, I was tidying up some House Beautiful magazines last night and one was smaller than all the rest..........I picked it up to casually peek at it again and, lo and behold, it was the magazine with this house in it from 2007.

I really love the large size of the living room, large windows throughout, faded wallpaper, chintz fabrics all combined with beautiful antiques and art collected over a lifetime, as well as the coziness of  all the rooms.

So, to my reader Barbara, here is the rest of this very lovely home in the Hamptons.......the main house is called 'the barn' and the smaller rooms shown here are in their nearby cottage.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!

The barn bedroom

All images via House Beautiful